3 Ways to Increase Activity That Don’t Feel Like Exercise

While nobody can argue that exercise is great for your body and mind, it’s hard to get out there and actually do it. We’ll talk about how we don’t have time, but the fact is, we don’t enjoy the activities we’re thinking about when we say exercise.

To turn your mindset, consider that fun activities can actually be exercise. They don’t feel like it because they’re fun and don’t involve sweating on a boring treadmill.

woman gardening

You actually have to be pretty fit to take part in hunting since you’ll be hiking in the woods to get to your prey. Along with hiking, you’ll have to carry your weapon, which can weigh up to twelve pounds. All the other hunting gear you need will have to be carried to your blind too.

Once you’ve bagged your prey, you’ll have to rope the animal and carry or drag it back to your truck. The type of animal will determine the weight you’ll have to carry, but a white-tailed deer can weigh up to 150 pounds. That’s a serious workout, which won’t feel like one at all when you’re doing what you love.

When you are out in your garden, you’re actually performing physical activity that’s compared to a cardio exercise like running. You’ll be up and down on your knees pulling weeds, lifting heavy bags of soil, stretching to pluck vegetables or pushing a wheelbarrow.

All of these activities will use muscle groups that aren’t normally worked when performing simple stretches and exercise in a gym. It’s a functional exercise that will boost your mental well-being, so it has added benefits aside from the physical. While gardening, you’ll be growing fruits and vegetables that will help you stay healthy.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
This fun activity involves carrying a surf board down to the water. Once at the water, you’ll be paddling around while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Since you’re standing, you’ll have to bend slightly to use the oar, which added to the motion of the paddling itself can burn a ton of calories. Even if you aren’t racing on your stand-up paddle board, you’re still burning almost 500 calories per hour with a leisurely pace.

That’s twice the amount of calories you’d burn while walking at a pace of 2.5 miles per hour on the treadmill. While being great for cardio, it’s an all-over workout that will build strength and endurance too. This will all happen while you’re enjoying the view on top of your paddleboard.

For many activities, carrying equipment and getting to the location of the activity can burn lots of calories. You’ll be enjoying the sunshine and fresh air in an activity that doesn’t feel like exercise at all. In fact, you’ll forget you’re trying to improve cardio or trying to lose weight. Instead, you’ll be focused on enjoying your time outside.