The Psychological Effects of Herpes

When a person is diagnosed with the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), it is common for them to experience a number of powerful emotions, particularly if they have been diagnosed with genital herpes (HSV 2). Although this diagnosis may seem like a major problem, especially for those who are in a relationship, but the symptoms of herpes can be treated and even mitigated by diet, exercise and other natural means. It is important to keep this in mind when dealing with the emotional effects of the herpes diagnosis.

Emotional Effects of Herpes

The initial reaction to learning that one may have herpes is often disbelief and even an inclination to blame the test for generating incorrect results. This is normally followed by the realization that the test is in fact accurate and that herpes is now a permanent factor of life. This is accompanied by feelings of sadness, helplessness and confusion with regards to actually processing the information. These psychological responses to being diagnosed with Herpes are universal for those of all ages.

Add to this the fact that a herpes diagnosis often leads to stigmatization which can be amongst peers or even self-imposed. Stigmatization simply refers to having an attribute that devalues one member in a group, differs from the norm or is related to undesirable characteristics. A model was created that proposed that negative feelings were directly related to recurrent outbreaks. Therefore, Herpes lesions drive these negative effects, especially amongst those with poor coping abilities.

If the Herpes diagnoses is found on the genitals, the emotions are strengthened thus kick-starting a number of consequences such as anxiety, hostility, shame, depression, low self-esteem and social isolation. In turn, these effects play a significant role in an individual’s decision to discuss their ailment with friends, family, medical professionals and potential and current sexual partners.

Dealing with Herpes Emotionally

The first step to reduce the feelings of stigmatization is concurrent with reducing the frequency of outbreaks. Historically, stress was believed to be a major driver of outbreaks but experts are now challenging this theory. Researchers have found that recurring outbreaks can actually cause additional stress. Regardless, managing the factors that contribute to stress can help reduce outbreak frequency.

Researchers have discovered that stress reduction combined with stress management and muscle relaxation techniques can combat the frequency of outbreaks. This type of research supports the fact that it is critical for those living with Herpes to properly plan to decrease outbreaks. These techniques and others taught in guides such as The Ultimate Herpes Protocol are simple to follow and considerably less expensive over the long-term instead of relying solely on medication.

There are several psychological methods that will help you speed the process of adjusting to the ailment. First, you must realize that it is normal to be emotionally stressed by Herpes at first. To realize come to grips with it, you must have time to adjust and remember that it will get easier. Second, consider that genital Herpes is like any other infection and you were capable of managing those. Third, if you start to feel isolated, find someone to lean on. This could be a close friend or call the National STI Hotline to speak to a counselor. There are also group sessions you can attend to help you cope with the ailment. Finally, do not assume that having Herpes will prevent you from being involved in a long-term relationship. There are millions of couples who deal with the virus daily and they make it work.

Discussing Your Herpes with your Partner

When you have been diagnosed with Herpes, you must always tell your partner. However, you must say it the right way in the correct time and place. First, consider how you want your partner to take the news. Of course you do not want it to be a major problem so present it in a casual, unemotional and direct manner. Also, do not suggest how your partner should react. It is best to just say you have Herpes and ask if they know what that entails then be prepared to present facts.

Therefore, prior to approaching your partner, you want to learn as much about the ailment as possible so you can answer any questions they may have. Always stress that it is quite common and give them a one-in-five-type statistic which can be settling. Some occasionally get sores on their genitals while others have symptoms that are so mild they do not even notice them. In the end, do not load the discussion with only negative imagery. As difficult as it may be, add as many positive and neutral aspects as possible to the conversation.

In addition to minding your language, pick an appropriate setting and do not interrupt what your partner is doing when you break the news. For instance, do not call them at work or school or barge into a room to break the news. The correct setting is relaxed and comfortable without distractions. A conversation over a walk in the park or a quiet dinner is preferred.

Understanding that Herpes Doesn’t Have to be a Life Sentence

Throughout the entire process, remember that being diagnosed with Herpes is not the end of the world. Diet, exercise, natural supplements and medication can help all mitigate the symptoms. Herpes does not mean you will never have a relationship again or that your current partner will leave you. Being educated on the virus and educating others is the best approach to removing the stigmatization behind the ailment and leading a normal, healthy life.

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Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids

If you have never had hemorrhoids, you don’t know uncomfortable it can be.  First you need to understand what a hemorrhoid is; it is primarily a swollen vein located in the rectal area.  They can appear for many reasons; but usually they are caused when rectal pressure is increased which causes the veins to dilate. Furthermore, if one has poor circulation it can cause veins that are already weak to enlarge and eventually separate from the rectal tissue.  Now this vein swelling is referred to as a hemorrhoid which protrudes from the anal area.  The symptoms are burning, itching, pain and sometimes bleeding as well.  Although there are over the counter remedies available,  Witch Hazel has often been used as a natural remedy for generations.

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel is made from a plant called “Hamamelis virginiana.” The entire plant is ground up to make the medicine.  Witch hazel is sold in drug stores and it is usually in a clear liquid form. Witch hazel is from astringent family, because it can reduce swelling of the tissues.

It is for this reason that witch hazel is used for hemorrhoids. When you use the witch hazel on hemorrhoids, it shrinks the inflamed veins.  To apply, all one needs to do is use a soft gauze pad or a cotton ball.  Saturate the cotton or pad with the liquid witch hazel, then apply to hemorrhoids for 1 to 3 minutes.  Repeat as needed until the symptoms have subsided.  The witch hazel can be applied after bowel movements to freshen up or before bed if desired.  There are no side effects, so witch hazel can be used at any time to reduce the pain of hemorrhoids.

Tips for Reducing Cellulite

Nobody likes cellulite. If we haven’t got it, we want to prevent it and if we’ve got it, we’re eager to try just about anything to get rid of it. Let’s look at some tips and tricks that can help you to get rid of cellulite the natural way.


Free radicals can damage the skin cells and promote the development of cellulite, so the first step to reducing cellulite is combating free radicals. For that, we need the antioxidant properties of berries, red and orange fruit and vegetables and vitamin C rich citrus fruits.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and it has been shown to be of help in assisting the body to break down accumulated fat deposits. That’s good news for those of us who are eager to reduce cellulite – a type of fat deposit that’s notoriously difficult to get rid of.

Blood circulation

Of course, there are also adjustments we can make to our diets. Foods containing a high level of saturated fats should be avoided. Instead, load up on omega-3 fats such as those found in fish, fish oil, seeds and nuts. Omega-3 fats help to improve the blood circulation and since cellulite accumulates in areas of our body that have poor blood circulation, they’ll also help prevent the formation of even more cellulite.

One of the best ways to improve the blood circulation is by getting plenty of exercise. Exercise directly burns fat and improved muscle tone will help to hide cellulite. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, make sure that you plan your day so that you’ll get a good workout, even if all you have time for is a brisk walk.

Anything that improves your blood circulation is going to help you to get rid of cellulite, so regular massaging of the affected area really is going to help you as long as you do it regularly and persevere.

Avoid unhealthy habits

Cut out or limit consumption of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, sugar and processed foods. Processed foods usually contain sugar or sweeteners as well as various other chemical additives that can contribute to the accumulation of cellulite.


Cellulite looks lumpy because it consists of collagen fibers and fat. As the fat accumulate, it pushes through the network of collagen fibers resulting in the lumpy orange-peel look we all know so well. Any product that contains collagen can go a long way to reducing the appearance of lumpy, bumpy cellulite. Foods containing lycopene also help the body to produce collagen, so eat lots of tomatoes!

Although it’s really hard to get rid of cellulite, there are lots of things that you can do to reduce its impact and smooth out that orange-peel texture.

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What is a Sports Massage?

Sports massage sounds fancy and very attractive, yet it is as simple as the name suggests. A sports massage is normally the massage care offered to athletes or people in sports related activities. It targets professional world class athletes to normal joggers, people with chronic pains or suffering from motion restrictions. It is considered to be a derivative of Swedish massage although men tend to incline towards sports massage over Swedish as it sounds sore masculine.

Sports massage is a therapy that focuses on the muscle tensions most likely to be experience by athletes. This kind of therapy is used to ensure that injuries are prevented during sporting activities and to relieve tension from the muscles afterwards. A good sport massage ensures that motion and flexing is increased which facilitates muscle recovery.

Sports massage therapy is usually offered half an hour before any activity or competition. It is usually quick and light and is equal to a warm up. Most athletes benefit from this massage as it reduces muscle tensions and enhances flexibility.

On the other hand, a massage given after a competition of the sporting event is known as post event therapy. This type focuses on painful areas and is offered an hour later after the event as it helps in facilitating detoxification by releasing toxic acids. This is beneficial to sports people as it pushes for body awareness and good circulation process. However, this does not mean that the therapy is not used for everyday injuries, it is still effective.

The technique simply manipulates various body tissues by stroking various parts for the desired results. Pressure is also applied on different muscular positions to enhance motion in different directions. Hence; the technique uses more strength and is a bit deep than other forms of massages. It can be applied on ankles, various body tendons especially on arms and legs.


The results of this therapy include:

  • Restoration of the body’s ability to flex and relax various tissues
  • Draw stored up fluids due to muscle tightening or swellings
  • Increases blood circulation and facilitates flow of oxygen and blood to various muscles and body cells as it targets the lymphatic function
  • Can be used to treat scarred tissues since the idea is to facilitate a holistic function on the given activity
  • Reduces pain and boosts immunity by release of endorphins that act as an agent of pain reduction, hence curbs the necessity of having to use pain killers or medication
  • Enhances skin appearance as it deals with dimpling and wrinkling. It is highly invigorating


This kind of therapy is not safe for everyone as it handles specific kinds of injuries. Thus, people with ruptures, broken wounds, fractures and so on, are not entitled to it. It is always safe to consult with a personal physician for proper informed recommendation.

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