A Look at Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen therapy?

Bowen therapy is a type of alternative or complimentary medicine and could be seen as a type of movement therapy. It is extremely gentle and is suitable for everyone no matter how young or old they might be. The patient is fully clothed and the practitioner uses his fingers to manipulate the muscles in gentle motions that engage the muscles, tendons and fascia. These movements are interspersed with pauses.

Where does it come from?

The theory behind Bowen therapy and its techniques were developed by Thomas Bowen, an Australian who noticed that moving certain parts of the body in a specific order could result in some rather remarkable results. This therapy is completely unique and was not based on any prior learning. However, many doctors today are amazed at the results that can be achieved through this practice, and recommend it as a complimentary therapy.

What does Bowen therapy aim to do?

Bowen Therapy aims to create balance within the body by adjusting physical, chemical and mental alignment through a special type of movement therapy. It has been found to be particularly effective in pain relief and in healing musculoskeletal problems.

It has also been used in the treatment of depression, fibromyalgia and asthma. Additional benefits of Bowen therapy are said to be improved blood circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system, a boost to the immune system and its application as a detox treatment.

Does it work?

Of course, nothing works for everyone, but the majority of reviews and forum posts from patients who have attempted the therapy are extremely positive. Many of them claim that long-term pain that was not relived through physiotherapy was reduced or eliminated after Bowen Therapy.

Almost all comments on this type of therapy remark on its extreme gentleness when compared to deep tissue massage a visit to the chiropractor and other massage therapies.

However, the Bowen technique is believed to benefit more than just you r muscles and connective tissue. Because it improves posture, organ functioning is improved and patients report relief of mental distress caused by anxiety, mental stress and depression.

How do I know my therapist is qualified?

Fairly extensive training is required in order to become a fully-fledged Bowen Therapist. Most countries have an association that only qualified therapists can join. Choose a registered Bowen Therapist to ensure that your treatment is being performed by a qualified individual.

What is a Sports Massage?

Sports massage sounds fancy and very attractive, yet it is as simple as the name suggests. A sports massage is normally the massage care offered to athletes or people in sports related activities. It targets professional world class athletes to normal joggers, people with chronic pains or suffering from motion restrictions. It is considered to be a derivative of Swedish massage although men tend to incline towards sports massage over Swedish as it sounds sore masculine.

Sports massage is a therapy that focuses on the muscle tensions most likely to be experience by athletes. This kind of therapy is used to ensure that injuries are prevented during sporting activities and to relieve tension from the muscles afterwards. A good sport massage ensures that motion and flexing is increased which facilitates muscle recovery.

Sports massage therapy is usually offered half an hour before any activity or competition. It is usually quick and light and is equal to a warm up. Most athletes benefit from this massage as it reduces muscle tensions and enhances flexibility.

On the other hand, a massage given after a competition of the sporting event is known as post event therapy. This type focuses on painful areas and is offered an hour later after the event as it helps in facilitating detoxification by releasing toxic acids. This is beneficial to sports people as it pushes for body awareness and good circulation process. However, this does not mean that the therapy is not used for everyday injuries, it is still effective.

The technique simply manipulates various body tissues by stroking various parts for the desired results. Pressure is also applied on different muscular positions to enhance motion in different directions. Hence; the technique uses more strength and is a bit deep than other forms of massages. It can be applied on ankles, various body tendons especially on arms and legs.


The results of this therapy include:

  • Restoration of the body’s ability to flex and relax various tissues
  • Draw stored up fluids due to muscle tightening or swellings
  • Increases blood circulation and facilitates flow of oxygen and blood to various muscles and body cells as it targets the lymphatic function
  • Can be used to treat scarred tissues since the idea is to facilitate a holistic function on the given activity
  • Reduces pain and boosts immunity by release of endorphins that act as an agent of pain reduction, hence curbs the necessity of having to use pain killers or medication
  • Enhances skin appearance as it deals with dimpling and wrinkling. It is highly invigorating


This kind of therapy is not safe for everyone as it handles specific kinds of injuries. Thus, people with ruptures, broken wounds, fractures and so on, are not entitled to it. It is always safe to consult with a personal physician for proper informed recommendation.

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