Panic Attacks: A Disorder that can be Easily & Efficiently Alleviated

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over four million individuals living in the United States suffer from panic attacks. Are you one of them?

Panic attacks usually occur when a sufferer of this disorder is in a nerve-wracking situation, such as when reading an essay in front of a classroom, when an argument arises, when intimidation overpowers, when flying or undertaking a multitude of other anxiety-inducing activities.

When a panic attack is taking place, the heart begins to pound faster, as if it wants to come out through the throat! Other symptoms of a panic attack that may occur are dizziness, a tingling sensation, twitching muscles, sweaty palms, flushed face, fear of losing control, terror, trembling, fear of going crazy, fear of a stroke and fear of dying.

The good news is that usually panic attacks only last a couple of minutes. Despite their short duration, many panic attack sufferers will tell you that they are one of the worst disorders that anybody can experience, as you feel as if you don’t have control of your own body no matter how many times you keep telling yourself that everything is going to be okay.

The worst thing about suffering from panic attacks is that it can become a long-term condition and can occur at any time of the year. But, thankfully, there are certain medications and techniques that can help alleviate this issue once and for all.

Panic attack sufferers can either opt to take medication every day, which can help a lot but might cause an addiction in the long-term, or opt to try hypnotherapy for their panic attacks, which can solve this matter from the root after a couple of sessions, without causing any addictive forming habits.

Whatever route you opt to take, make sure you cut back on caffeine and try to include daily exercise in your routine as it has been proven that by doing this you can help alleviate your matter much more efficiently, while being under treatment.